Healthcare Marketing and Website Tips for 2021

Expert Tips For Healthcare Marketing In 2021

2020 has been a tough year worldwide as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc throughout all aspects of our lives.

However, no industry has been impacted by the pandemic more than that of the healthcare industry.

The economic fallout of lockdowns and postponing elective surgeries has hit practitioners hard. And now, as 2020 comes to a close, practitioners and the healthcare industry as a whole are scrambling to figure out the best strategies to rebound in the new year – both from a treatment standpoint and a business perspective in terms of marketing their practices and maintaining or rebuilding their reputations.

We at Agency Partner decided to use this article to go over a few tips to help you in both areas as you recover and look ahead to the new year.

Recovery does not happen overnight.

Although we are in the final weeks of 2020 and there is increasing optimism surrounding a possible vaccine’s anticipation, we are not there yet.

America has been in a constant state of uneasiness and inconsistency. Schools throughout the country open and close on a dime based on the rising or declining infection and exposure rates. Local and state governments implementing different degrees of protocols. And in the middle, businesses are stuck, unsure in many cases of whether to press forward and try to operate in some way resembling normal or to pull back, close up shop, and brace for a long impactful blow.

This turmoil and lack of assuredness extend directly into the world of healthcare. Attitudes toward hospitals and medical facilities have taken a hit.

I shift to a more positive outlook toward the healthcare industry is not going to happen overnight. Because of this reality, you need to think long-term. Consider investing time and energy into public relations and communications, long-term growth strategies, brand awareness, and brand reputation.

Make it easy to connect.

Think of ways to make routine actions as seamless and stress-free as possible. For example, consider using live chat in your website design to help with appointment cancellation, medication refill requests or to provide links to updated information like safety protocols.

Communicate constantly and with clarity

People have many questions during this time, and most will turn to their healthcare practitioners to be a leading authority providing practical guidance on safety for themselves and their loved ones.

It is critically important to put to work all the communication methods available to you to provide regular updates and information to those in your community.

You can use email blasts, text messaging campaigns, social media posts, telephone communication, and much more. The important thing to remember is consistent communication provides patients with a feeling of confidence in their knowledge.

Have an adaptable marketing budget

Healthcare marketing isn’t the same as it was in 2019, it won’t be the same in 2021, and your budget shouldn’t be the same either.

Consider using marketing performance data to identify areas where your organization is overspending without showing an increase in marketing performance. Do some analysis of keywords to see how competitors are faring and if your PPC targets and/or social media campaigns need to be adjusted.

If your practice offers adapted options for routine services, i.e., curbside consultations, you could be missing out on marketing opportunities if these services don’t have their own dedicated PPC campaigns.

Optimize your pages properly.

The most significant window a medical practice has is its website. Ensure that current and potential patients can easily find what they are looking for when they visit your website.

Contact information for doctors, main services, and specialty services need to be easily accessible. Remember, clarity is crucial.

Innovative features can also be built into your website to help your staff stay organized and save time with administrative work. You can include features for online bill pay, appointment scheduling, requesting prescription refills, connecting to telehealth services, and viewing lab results, for example.

Be authentic

Yes, your organization is trustworthy, but in 2021, it will be even more important to communicate authenticity, humanity, and compassion. Promote content that is timely and speaks to the moment. Try little things like incorporating real photos into your website instead of relying solely on stock images. 2020 has done quite a number on the globe. Uncertainty surrounds job security, finances, education, and business alike.

Rebounding from such tumultuous times will not be easy for anyone, especially business. Healthcare practitioners will need to reimagine their industry and, in many cases, change how they market themselves and their practices.

Agency Partner is a full-service online marketing agency, ready, willing, and able to help healthcare practitioners reinvent, revitalize, and reimagine their business. Get in touch with us, and let’s get started.

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