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The rise of e-Sports in Dallas

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The prevalence of e-sports is continually growing by the year. Major e-sports leagues are being formed, where thousands of people watch and participate. It now appears that cities in North Texas are getting in on the action.

According to Dallas News, Allen has announced it will host the first-ever home matches of the Dallas Fuel, a popular e-sports team that’s a member of the Overwatch gaming league.

With the number of gaming events taking place in neighboring cities, this announcement doesn’t come with much of a surprise. Recently, several e-sports events were held in Arlington after $10 million was spent on an e-sports stadium.

Similarly, a three-day e-sports event was held at the OpTic Arena. Around the country, e-sports events are drawing thousands of people. Interestingly, arenas are now being constructed to hold these popular events.

While the growth of e-sports can be seen as trivial to the average American, there is a clear economic benefit to cities investing in e-sport events. Live in-game competitions are an excellent way of filling up restaurants and hotels. 

This presents Dallas with a unique and lucrative money-making opportunity. Being the first city to host home matches for an Overwatch team, Dallas could tap into a successful venture that can benefit not only those involved in e-sports but the city’s constituents as well. 

This is Not a New Business Venture

e-Sports hasn’t technically gone mainstream yet. However, it’s far from a new concept and business venture.

Multiple well-known Dallas-based tycoons, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Texas Rangers owner Neil Leibman, and Ken Hersh have invested millions of dollars into the venture.

This fast-growing sector has also attracted numerous large companies, who view the industry as a savvy advertising opportunity geared towards younger demographics. For example, Jack in the Box, the popular fast-food chain currently sponsors the Dallas Fuel.

Furthermore, the e-sports stadium in Arlington is in advanced discussion with some Fortune 500 to determine naming rights. Allen’s announcement to host the Dallas Fuel will have definite economic benefits for Dallas.

According to Geoff Moore, the president and COO of the Dallas Fuel, he expects the team to play in several Dallas areas starting in 2020. He also indicated that he plans on building a home arena in Dallas.

The Move is Coming

Moore used to work for the Dallas Stars when the NHL team transitioned from Minnesota to Dallas in the early 1990s. As the lead man for the Dallas Fuel, we will be responsible for one day moving the team to its hometown.

Moore recently stated that the only reason the Dallas Fuel organization chose Allen as their home was because of its arena’s large size. As the e-sports industry continues to grow, a move to Dallas would present tremendous advantages.

Already, city officials in Allen are expecting 1,000 hotel rooms to be full during events and local restaurants to be crowded. This type of internal revenue is great for any city hoping to become a major tourist destination like Dallas.

e-Sports is on the Rise in Dallas

Video games have been a popular part of pop culture for several decades. Every decade, however, there appears to be a major advancement. Nowadays, e-sporting leagues are commonplace.

At least 10 years, and advancement such as this would have not been possible or imagined. Dallas seems to be leading the charge in the growing e-sports movement, making advancements in the Overwatch league that are inspiring other teams.

Although Dallas Fuel has yet to put together a winning season, the organization has strategically positioned itself as a profitable business. After receiving a multi-million dollar investment from Kenneth Hersh, the organization would go on to sign another multi-million dollar deal with Jack in the Box.

In accordance with the terms of the deal, Jack in the Box will have exclusive naming rights on the team’s jerseys and merchandise. This type of partnership is the first of its kind in the Overwatch League and presents a model other teams should follow. 

Clearly, the Dallas Fuel is netting a quality return on investment in conjunction with these investments. In 2019, the Dallas Fuel Homestand Weekend was sold out, filling 4,500 seats per day.

The demand for e-sport competitions is steadily growing and the Dallas Fuel is quickly setting the mark. With plans to move the Dallas Fuel to its hometown, the city will face tremendous economic growth akin to some of the largest cities in the United States.

Interestingly, it appears that e-sports, which owes its origins to Dallas, will become one of the reasons why the city reaches its economic peak. 

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