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Top Software for Game Designers

Expert Tips From Dallas Software Developers

There is no process of developing a video game without the necessary software. Video game engines, or software made to create video games, are essential in the development process.

If you are new to the world of video game development, it’s important to study the available video game software to narrow down your choices. Ultimately, there is a wide variety of software to choose from to develop your game.

Depending on the type of game you want to create, here are the best available choices to assist in your project’s development. 

RPG Maker MV

RPG Maker, produced by Degica, is one of the most preeminent video game engines for role-playing games. The widely-popular software has been used by millions of game designers and even featured in popular commercial games, such as To the Moon. 

RPG Maker has built a solid reputation as one of the most simple to use video game engines. No coding knowledge is required to develop a quality game. RPG Maker MV is the latest installment to the RPG Maker series.

It boasts significant improvements to its predecessor, RPG Maker VX ACE, giving users a professional game designing experience.

Game Maker

Game Maker is a powerful video game engine used to create many 2D games, from RPGs to adventure titles. Its simple interface and high compatibility with a wide variety of resources.

If you are experienced as a coder, using Game Maker is an excellent option. This software has amazing potential, depending on how knowledgeable you are with a coding language.

Unity 3D

If you want to dive into the world of professional game designing, Unity 3D should be a top option. The software allows users to create their own custom 3D video games. Many games produced on this software have been featured on modern generational video game consoles, such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 

However, you must have at least basic coding experience to use Unity properly. If you aren’t an experienced programmer, you can try to hire a professional from online development forums. 

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine is used by countless professional video game development studios across the world, and it’s for a good reason. The powerful engine contains a full suite of essential tools to design and develop high-quality video games.

Unlike Unity, Unreal Engine is a versatile engine that can create MMORPGs, first-person shooters, fighting games, etc. This is why it has been widely used for more than 20 years.


If you want to build a basic app-style video game, then Gamesalad is a great choice. The software utilizes a drag-and-drop interface that’s easy to use for anyone without significant coding knowledge.

It’s a free tool and doesn’t take much time to get the hang of. With this tool, you can build a quality game in as little as an hour and upload it to every known platform. 

Do You Want to Design Your Own Game?

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