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How to Collect Website Leads Like a Pro

Collect Website Leads Like a Pro
Tips from Digital Marketing Experts

There’s nothing like throwing a party for all your friends, only for the atmosphere to drain and the whole thing eventually implodes like a high-rise on demo day. This same chain of events can be used to analogize the unfortunate fate of many a website. People come, have a quick look around, get bored, and then inevitably, get out! The result: nothing but walls, windows and a general feeling of emptiness. So, how can you turn your house into a home?

Start With the Right Welcome Mat

Your home page will make or break your website’s page views and session rates, so make sure it is nothing less than impeccable. A video is a sure fire way of keeping visitors engaged from the get-go. Wyzowl claims that 72 percent of people, in fact, prefer this compared to a text-based welcome. Make sure that all content on the home page is relevant and, above all, direct. Anything tentative could cause the less patient of visitors to look for windows of opportunity elsewhere.

Don’t Lounge Around, Interact!

Lazyboys are yesterday’s news. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 2019 is only going to push forward in terms of interactivity. Making your guests feel welcome and sociable is the key to throwing a good party, so get those conversational juices flowing while the atmosphere is still fresh. Surveys, polls, and quizzes are some of the best tools to collect website leads. Interact and Qzzr will get you started.

Be a Spectacular Host with Live Chat

Whether it’s a conversation about your cookies or concerns about a mailing address, it helps to be in the room–around the clock if possible. Live chat is an excellent way of turning visitors into conversions. Digital may be the future, but people still want a fast answer from a real person, so consider implementing this into your website optimization strategy.

Be a King in the Kitchen

Lead magnets will always add terrific value to your content effectiveness, so get cooking. It’s all well and good feeding people with solutions after they’ve coughed up their credit card information, but who can say no to a freebie? Think of it as a doggy bag. If your guests can try free samples of digital products like ebooks, they’ll remember you for all the right reasons.

The Party is Almost Over

Urgency and scarcity are two tried and tested marketing tactics. People hate FOMO (fear of missing out) on something, especially if it is discounted or merits a freebie. Consider using an egg-timer in one corner of your website or strategically timed pop-ups.

Now You Should Know How to Collect Website Leads

Hopefully, your party will be in full swing now, and your website optimization will be on its way to competing with the best out there. Use one of the methods we have published, or use them all. Alternatively, if you prefer the shortcut process, work with Agency Partner. We already have proven methods and practices that guarantee results. We have worked with publicly-traded enterprises to mom-and-pop shops. We understand the lead generation strategies and how they can impact businesses. Contact us for a free quote and see how our digital marketing solutions can help with your lead generation.

Summing It Up

At Agency Partner, we can help you navigate the tides of change. In addition to website design and content creation, we offer social media marketing, brand strategizing, and business consulting. Contact us to talk to an experienced professional who can help set your business onto the right trajectory. Reach out today and let’s talk about how we can help make you successful.

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