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How to Create a Website in 10 Steps

Tips from Web Design Experts

To make progress in today’s world, whether as a blogger, business, or solo-artist, you need a killer website – something with flair and panache, packed with handy features and enticing designs. Follow our 10-step guide to successfully build exactly that.

Domain: It’s All In The Name

If you want to create an effective website, the essential first step is choosing a domain name and registering it with a domain registrar. When you go to the registrar’s site, they will tell you whether the domain name that you would like to use is available, and offer alternatives if it’s not. A good domain name enhances both the brand identity and credibility of your business when it is launched on the internet.

Make a Plan, Stan

So, you’ve got the domain name but you don’t want to be the same as your competition. Now is the time to develop a brand strategy; identify how to create a website that brings equilibrium between your brand identity and goals to transcend from the playing field of competition.  Perhaps you would like your website to be an extension of your brick-and-mortar store, or to fly solo as a revolutionary revenue rendering venture, or, maybe, your site may just be an additional marketing tool of your in-person services.

Don’t Make a Mess of Things

Do you know what impresses audiences the most? A damn good image. So, that’s what you need to portray! If you’ve got great content, you need a great website.
Who likes a pop-up? Not us. Good chance your audience isn’t too fond of them either. Get rid of ads, they are reminiscent of the old-fashioned, incredibly annoying, salesperson who hounds you as soon as you enter a shop. Don’t be that person.
Make sure that everything is easily accessible. Your audience does not want to trawl through a never-ending maze of pages to find the product or content that they need. Keep your website clean, concise, up-to-date, and easy-to-navigate. If you fail to meet these basic requirements, your website traffic will suffer, as will your potential earnings. Click-throughs on your website will only convert to a swift exit.

Give ‘em a Freebie

One of the very best sales techniques to date is free content. Make way premium, enter freemium. When companies sell content services, people will look at their website because, well, that’s what they want. The problem is, if they are hit with a price-tag upon entrance, it will turn them off. Everybody loves a freebie. So, instead of telling a person that you want money, entice them something gratis. The method is no different to angling; when you cast a hook into the lake, a fish looks at it and thinks, ‘well, that’s a hook, best swim away’, but if there’s a tasty grub-worm on there, they jump straight on it.

Psychological Lights: The Flow of Traffic

Traffic is the most crucial factor when it comes to a successful website. Once you generate visitors, you create a reliable revenue source. But until that time, your website will be relatively redundant, excellent though it may be.

Like Glue

Your website will quickly fall stagnant if you don’t work on generating traffic. You need to divert the flow of internet users all the way to your website, and then slap on the red-light, so they stay stationary in front of your product or services.
You can make the masses stay by posting consistent, quality content that informs them of relevant and timely information. Furthermore, you should be implementing emotion-evoking and engaging photographs, feedback surveys, and anything else that shows your business is better than the competition. First, though, you need to get the traffic to your location.

Search Engine Optimization

How do you get traffic? Simple: develop a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Ensure that there are targeted keywords and phrases interwoven throughout your content, including articles, picture alt-text, product titles, meta descriptions, and product-related texts. Utilizing keywords will help your website rank higher on major search engines, like Google, and will help your audience find you when they require your products and services.

Incorporate Social Media

Social media is fast becoming one of the most dependable sources of advertisement for businesses online. According to, nearly one-third of the world’s population will be active social media users by 2021. The scope of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter has grown exponentially over the past few years, and so, you need to jump on the trend.
Imagine and implement a social media strategy and have your in-house team schedule posts across each platform, inviting people to check out your website. Using social media is the best opportunity you have to market your “freemium” content.
Hook, line, and sinker.

Going Mobile

Now that we’ve touched on the influence of social media, we should also consider the devices from which your site will be accessed. Given that eight in ten Americans now use their mobile devices for online shopping, weekly, you need to make sure that your website is correctly optimized to suit that consumer demand. So when you plan that beautiful website, you need to be sure that it is optimized to load fast and that the layout is conducive to the smaller screens indicative of smartphones and tablets.


Much like Big Brother, you can monitor your audience activities through web analytic tools. You can take a look at your visitors’ habits and analyze their viewing and clicking habits. Using analytics will paint a picture of trends on your website. Viewers may stay on a particular page for longer than another, or certain links may be clicked more often. From this information, you can develop your website to address their needs.

Summing Things Up

So, there’s our 10-step guide on how to create a website. One of the first things you will get into once your project begins is the web design discovery process. To understand what role it plays and its importance to the overall process, read our other blog titled “The Web Design Discovery Process.”
Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither will your online success. However, if you implement our advanced tactics, or have our professionals at Agency Partner do it for you, your “Rome” will be built with modern expertise, and your website will reach new heights considerably faster than you expect. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help make you successful.

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