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How to Reduce the Cost on a Mobile App Development

Expert Tips For Mobile App Development

Do you have an exciting mobile app idea? Great! Our agency is ready to bring your Android app or iOS app to life.

We understand, though, that for some app innovators, finding capital to finance your mobile app development cost can be the biggest barrier to bringing your app idea to the market. Understandably, many people like you with app ideas are looking for ways to reduce the cost of mobile app development for an Android app or iOS app so they can get to market sooner rather than later. 

This makes sense. After all, the sooner you can start generating some app revenue, the sooner you’ll have more capital available to fully fund your app idea to your highest expectations.

As a mobile app development agency that has helped bring several Android apps and iOS app ideas to fruition, including from many app innovators just like you who are working with a limited startup budget, we know the tips and tricks to reduce mobile app development cost. And we’re here to share them with you!

Continue reading to learn how choosing your mobile app development platform wisely, as well as creating stages to develop a mobile app, can help you trim your initial mobile app development cost, get to market sooner, and start generating app revenue as soon as possible.

Mobile App Development Tip #1: Develop for Only One Platform at a Time

We know that in a perfect world, you would develop both an Android app and an iOS app simultaneously. But developing on both platforms means you need two development teams working at the same time. And for many, these expenses push mobile app development costs out of reach.

Instead, we suggest you do a deep dive into your target audience research to see which platform’s users you anticipate adopting your app most rapidly. If one platform has the potential to grow like wildfire compared to another, develop that app first so you can begin making revenue off your initial download, ad space, in-app purchases, or other app revenue models.

If you expect both an iOS app and an Android app to be adopted equally, talk to a boutique mobile app development agency like us to see what the mobile app development cost will be for both an iOS app and an Android app. Then, develop your app for the most affordable platform first.

Mobile App Development Tip #2: Create Stages to Develop a Mobile App

Not everyone has the budget to have the first version of their app be the full project version with all their desired bells and whistles. You may have several great features planned for your mobile app, but not enough budget to have them all built and released in version 1. That’s okay. Lots of iOS apps and Android apps start out with a few unique features that make them interesting and then release compelling updates with exciting new features over time.

In fact, many people just like you go with what we in the mobile app development industry call the MVP approach, which stands for the Minimum Viable Product. Basically, when you choose the MVP approach you:

  • Spec out what must be included in the initial version of your mobile app at a bare minimum in order to gain the traction and adoption you want (and thus, generate the revenue you’ll need to fund updates).
  • Create stages to develop your desired mobile app, with subsequent features that will be additional market differentiators being released in updated versions of your app.
  • Develop either an Android app or iOS app first, and add the second platform after you’re already generating income from your first app to fund that second platform’s cost of mobile app development.

Mobile App Development Tip #3: Work with Your App Development Agency to Create an App Road Map

Creating stages to develop a mobile app isn’t something you need to do entirely on your own. In fact, our Project Managers are very experienced in helping clients just like you do exactly that.

In the mobile app development industry, we use the term “app road map” to refer to the various stages an app’s development will take. When you come to us for an initial conversation, we want to hear about all your goals for your app, even if you know you’ll be developing by following the MVP approach. 

When you initiate a conversation with us, we want to know what today’s version of your ideal app looks like. From there, we’ll be able to help price out the cost of mobile app development for you to see what each piece of functionality will cost to develop.

By working together, we’ll be able to prioritize which features come first on your road map, and which come later.

This will help us to collaboratively determine what features will be in version 1, what features will be in version 2, and so on. 

We can also work together to determine when to introduce a second app platform. Depending on your unique goals, it may make sense to get your ideal app out on one platform first, then develop for the other platform.

Contact Us To Determine the Cost of Mobile App Development

Now that you know our tips and tricks for helping to reduce the cost of mobile app development, it’s time to take that next step forward and engage us in a conversation. We’d love to help you turn your app idea into a reality, and we’re here to help you price out and stage your Android app or iOS app development.

Our goal is to create a mobile app that meets your expectations and that your ideal users will love. And we want to help you get to market as soon as possible, even if your initial mobile app development budget is limited.

To get the process started, reach out to us today. You can call us at 877) 682-2012 to schedule an appointment to talk to our team about your mobile app ideas.

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