Altered Status Consulting – Branding

Altered Status Consulting is more than just a consultancy firm – it’s your dedicated partners in success. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to innovation, we empower businesses to enhance their online presence, attract ideal clients, and achieve sustainable growth.

Social Values Collective – Branding

Social Values Collective partners with brands globally to amplify their social impact value proposition. Our services include scalable social impact strategies and cutting-edge platform solutions, ensuring operational sustainability.

Friendly Assassin-Branding

Welcome to Friendly Assassin, your go-to spot for 8-ball pool fun! Join us for exciting games, tournaments, and a friendly atmosphere that welcomes players of all skill levels. Make your mark on the felt at Friendly Assassin today!

Desi Jaguar-Branding

Welcome to Desi Jaguar, your go-to spot for 8-ball pool fun! Join us for exciting games, tournaments, and a friendly atmosphere that welcomes players of all skill levels. Make your mark on the felt at Desi Jaguar today!

Magenta Clover-Thumbnail

Magenta Clover-Branding

We Value Relationships

We are here to provide expert guidance and support to students and institutions, helping them navigate the complex world of higher education and achieve their academic and professional goals.


Lilli Healthcare – Branding

Lilli Health is a company dedicated to helping educate women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) about nutrition and wellness.Lilli Health will assist people suffering from insulin resistance and PCOS, comprehensive nutrition education as well as the tools and resources to help you live a low insulin lifestyle.


Merchant Control – Branding

Merchant Control offers next-gen payment services that radically simplify your business. Our end-to-end payment options provide simple solutions to streamline workflows and optimize your profits. Whether processing payments in person, over the phone, or through your website payment portal, Merchant Control is the best choice to launch your business into the future.


Bold Online Solutions – Branding

We are a full-service digital agency offering top-notch website design & development and digital marketing services. Our team of experts will craft visually stunning websites that deliver results, and implement a personalized digital marketing strategy to drive traffic, increase conversions, and grow your business.


Buyers’ Slice Realty – Branding

Buyers’ Slice Realty has been providing commission rebates to buyers of new and existing homes across the Front Range since 2009. Slice is simply a dedicated effort to appeal to the new home buyer in Denver and beyond. Slice recognizes today’s self-directed and savvy new home buyers by rewarding them for their efforts in finding the new home of their dreams.


Base 5 Solutions – Branding

Completing the Professional Certificate in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will equip you with the tools you need to create and commit to DEI priorities such as mitigating bias in hiring and performance reviews, running inclusive meetings, and building diverse relationships with stakeholders.

Cash Royalty Family – Branding

Cash Royalty Family is one of the most reliable Ecommerce websites in the U.S. Our clothing is an edit of the top trends to create a modern, flexible wardrobe.

Elcamino De Costa Rica – Branding

Costa Rica is a green country in the pursuit of carbon neutrality, its visitor’s seek to know the different ecosystems and natural wealth and unique culture of the country. Creating the challenge of walking from one ocean to another, each stop benefiting the rural communities and nature reserves along its path in a harmonious way, is an attraction to a large number of hikers and adventure seekers internationally.


Medicus – Branding

Medicus is one of the best digital healthcare platforms in the U.S. Medicus helps you instantly book online video consultations with the best U.S. Board Certified Physicians.


Doss Docs – Branding

The attorneys at Doss Law have worked and practiced law in the mortgage industry for a combination of well over 50 years. Doss Law is laser-focused on transactional mortgage law, with a very large portion of that work spent on loan documentation, investor disclosures, and other mortgage documents.


GIT Outfitters – Branding

GIT Outfitters is a modern, agile e-commerce platform for purchasing products, such as First Aid Kits, Water filters, Food Suppliers, Outdoor Survival, etc.


GLF Armory – Branding

GLF Armory is an e-commerce platform for purchasing Armory products, such as Shotguns, Rifles, Ammunition, Knives, etc.


Imperative Insights – Branding

We have expert knowledge in Oil&Gas, Mining and Mineral Processing, Chemicals, and Water Treatment Industries. Let us set you on the path to success by providing independent help in Strategy Development, Market Development, Business Transformation, and Innovation.


Goodson Gallery – Branding

With the preservation of history in heart, the Goodson Gallery carries a mission of collecting timepieces that teach and remind us of our world’s past, with a focus on antiquarian occult books of alchemy, dimensions, herbal medicine, and numerology/astrology.


Doss Law – Branding

Doss Law is the Most Trusted Advocate of the Mortgage Industry. Doss Law provides multiple services which include Loan Documentation, Fund Formation and Compliance, Hard Money Lender Representation & Private Money Lender Representation, Securities, etc.


Revive Energy Solutions – Branding

Bring underperforming wells back to life. Revive uses innovative chemistry and technology for more effective chemical solutions. As a result, our clients see a higher success rate and lower environmental impact than standard treatments.


RIO Prime – Branding

Chemical truck treatment is one of the most economical, nimble ways to deliver well and pipeline chemical treatments. Through our smart technology, personnel, tool distribution, and logistics management, we help you produce at the lowest cost with the highest outcome.


Data Independent – Branding

Data Independent is the answer to break down this learning path and help you up level yourself. You impact and value to your organization will become exponential.


SFVT – Branding

Our company is comprised of two generations of engineers with over 50 years of experience in vacuum and air, with a longstanding reputation of taking the needs of our customers seriously, and maintaining personal connections with the people we serve.



Taruf is an Online educational app that helps either students to find teachers or teachers to find Online jobs in any creative field and make their communication easier. The main goal was to create an easy to use app for searching people with good looking tendy design and simple navigation.


Marketing Booklet Design

Marketing Booklet Designed for a client targeting local businesses and promoting third-party services.


Emirates Office Systems & Supplies

Emirates Office Systems & Supplies (EOSS) with the following ISO certification ISO: 9001, ISO:45001 & ISO:14000, founded in 1989 is 100% UAE nationally owned and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. EOSS has a long history of providing a high standard of professional services and products to major projects in transportation sectors, Oil and Gas industries, commercial, hotels and private entities in the United Arab Emirates.


Hide & Seek Recovery – Branding

Hide & Seek Recovery is the most reliable vehicle repossession company in Texas and Oklahoma. We have some of the highest vehicle recovery rates in the United States for some of the largest lenders. Our goal is to make the repossession a professional experience for both the lender and the debtor.


Prime Texas Tastings – Branding

Prime Texas Tastings offers a wide variety of Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oils, balsamic vinegar’s, and much more. Yes, you can grow olive trees in Texas. With so many vast varieties of olive trees in the world, olive orchards owners are learning about all types of olive trees and their adaptation to Texas’s unstable climate.


ARterra – Branding

ARterra is a new NFT Platform hyper-focused on the Esports & Gaming Market. With NFTs from your favorite teams, leagues, and creators, there is plenty to explore.


Hughes Tank Company

Hughes Tank Company was founded in 1989 in Venus, Texas. Our business started, hand-welding small tanks for local farms and businesses, but a dedication to hard work and a quality product allowed Hughes Tank Company to grow over the years.



Insurian is revolutionizing consumer protection products for Auto Dealers, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.


Parks Associates

Parks Associates sells market research reports and industry analysis regarding IoT residential products and consumer perceptions about these products and services.



Whether you are a person who wants to join a growing community of individuals ready to invest in a thriving life, have impact, and create a living legacy, or you are part of an innovative, disruptive, growing company ready to elevate the organization, and engage and retain top talent, let’s partner to ignite!


Mike’s Auto Body Shop – Branding

High quality. Trustworthy. Safe. Convenient. These are just some of the characteristics that describe Mike’s Auto Body – a family-owned and operated business in Lewisville TX. Our team of experienced technicians provides complete auto body and collision repair services.

CTR Aero – Branding

CTR Aero is a third-generation, family-owned business. From our 65,000 square foot facility located in Carrollton, Texas, we provide world-class five-axis machining, complex assembly, sheet metal fabrication and kitting to industry-leading OEM’s and Tier 1 Organizations.


Our Advisors provide an overview of how the system works, they determine what federal program could be the most beneficial for you. The advisors will also help you to gather, organize and update the information required. Our processing team will then prepare the documents that will be needed.


Reliable Technical Services Branding

Reliable Technical Services has been serving customers for years. This handyman company offers maintenance contract services and has completed numerous jobs in Dubai and around the UAE.

Serving a high end customer, Agency Partner’s branding team was called in to help create a brand guide that would instill confidence among a discerning client profile. That’s why Agency Partner’s digital experts worked to fully understand Reliable Technical Services and its customer before designing logos, stationary, marketing collateral, and other brand assets to help the company stand among the rest.


Prime Dental

In highly competitive markets, successful businesses rely on unique and distinguished brand strategies. A great logo is an emerging point of a brand, an aspect that impacts sales and any company’s longevity. Accunity has helped Prime Dentals in developing a brand image.